Our machines for the processing of rock salt and sea salt.

No life without salt

Salt is one of the most important foods and life would not be possible without it. In ancient times, it was so valuable that it was weighed in gold. Even though it has lost this value, it has lost none of its importance. Every adult needs up to six grams a day and it is an integral part of our cuisine.

Consumers attach great importance to the visual impression. It should be free of any impurities and pure white.



It is estimated that 70% of the table salt produced worldwide is obtained from rock salt (halite). Rock salt often has admixtures of other substances such as anhydrite, gypsum, sylvin or other clay minerals. Furthermore, depending on where it is mined,it is possible that it has intergrowth with rock. It is precisely these impurities of the pure halite that one wants to separate for satisfied customers. Especially the intergrowth with rock can also cause damage to household mills.

In case of sea salt, there is no intergrowth with rocks, but here salt crystals with impaired colour can arouse the customer's displeasure.

The MINEXX sorting technology from Binder+Co offers solutions here, both in transmitted light and in reflected light, in order to produce pure products. It is also possible to carry out the sorting underground in order to dump the accompanying rock on site and only convey the product further. One of our applications for sorting rock salt is 700 m underground.

Fractionation is just as standard for salt processing and here too BIVITEC has proven to be the best solution for the customer. Here, too, our screening machines are used underground.

Salts also often have to be dried to make them free-flowing. Especially with salts, the use of fluidised bed dryers is predestined. The thermal power requirement of DRYON is minimised and at the same time a homogeneous product is delivered after gentle drying.


Our machines for rock and sea salt processing

MINEXX Minerals sorting system

The MINEXX sorting system from Binder+Co reliably separates minerals such as gemstones, quartz, talc, magnesite and much more according to colour, materials and density. For products of the highest quality.

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