Vibratory screen & Flip Flow in one machine: Bivitec e+

Do you need to screen difficult material that is subject to seasonal, weather, or other changes? Then the BIVITEC e+ is the right choice. As the latest flip flow screen from Binder+Co, it has a frequency converter in the motor that lets you set the ideal vibration characteristics for the specific task.

When screening with the BIVITEC e+ the near-total mass balancing means there are only minimal dynamic loads. In fact, they are so low that support springs aren’t needed. Thanks to the low dynamic loading, the substructure can be made much more economically, or if there already is one in place, it doesn’t need to be reinforced.

The best of two classics

The BIVITEC e+ combines two ingenious technologies from Binder+Co in one screen – low dynamic loading through the mass balancing of a resonance screening machine, plus the BIVITEC flip flow system. This gives a light machine that needs less power. In fact, with the BIVITEC e+ you can save up to 40 % of the weight and up to 65 % of the energy use of a conventional machine. Thanks to the low dynamic loads, the substructure the BIVITEC e+ is mounted on can be as narrow and economical as the machine itself. The BIVITEC e+ is designed compactly, so that no motor components or other parts protrude. As many decks can be stacked as needed, and a low-dust design is available.

With the BIVITEC e+ flip flow screen, your operating costs are low

Thanks to its light construction the BIVITEC e+ uses only very little energy. This protects the environment and keeps costs down. Further investment is low, since a retrofitted BIVITEC e+ can use existing infrastructure. At the same time you benefit from all the advantages of the BIVITEC flip flow screen! See the infobox on these advantages of the BIVITEC e+.

Advantages of the BIVITEC e+ flip flow screen

  • Low dynamic loads allow a compact and low-cost sub structure.
  • Low energy consumption keeps operating costs low.
  • Perfect adaptation to individual tasks through preset operating modes.
  • Wear on the sides of the screen is prevented by the proven ox-horn design of the screen mats.
  • The screwless screen panel mounting system makes replacements fast.
  • Optional monitoring of bearing and amplitudes for coordination and planning of maintenance intervals.


  • Difficult screening task

  • Processing of easily screenable materials

  • Dry screening

  • Moist screening

  • Wet screening

  • Mobile versions

Technical specifications BIVITEC e+

Number of screen decksFrom 1 to any number can be stacked
Effective screen width [m]1.0 – 3.5
Effective screen length [m]4.7 – 14.0
Screen area / deck [m²]4.7 – 49.0

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