Our machinery for the processing of
sand, gravel and crushed stone.

SAND, gravel, crushed sand and grit are integral parts of our lives

Sand and gravel are typical sediments of flowing waters and depositional products of past ice ages. Unlike these mostly rounded loose rocks, the edgy gravels and grits are produced from natural stone mined in the quarry.Depending on the spatial situation, dry or wet mining machinery is used to produce gravel & sand. Above the groundwater level mostly wheel loaders or excavators are used for mining minerals. Wet processing below the groundwater level is carried out using grabbers, bucket chain excavators or suction dredgers. Solid rocks in a wide range of variety are mined by blasting.

The main task is to process solid rocks in order to refine them to supply valuable products. Only with the customized processing machinery aggregates can be produced for a wide variety of construction and industrial purposes. Depending on the nature of the raw material and the intended application, cleaning, crushing and screening processes of varying complexity can be designed individually.



The mineral materials sand, gravel and natural stone are the source of countless industrial processes and are therefore the basement of our prosperity. Correspondingly large quantities of these products are demanded every year for the construction of all kinds of roads and buildings. Binder+Co offers solutions for the processing of the required aggregates for concrete and asphalt applications. A wide variety of screening, crushing and wet processing machines and fluidised bed dryers are used.

With regard to the separating cut, the screen classification ranges from very coarse 300 mm down to the separation of fines from crushed sand. The smallest possible mesh size for the precision mesh mats of BIVITEC screening machines is 105 microns. The possible effective screen deck areas start at approx. 1 m² and end at 49 m² per deck in the case of BIVITEC e+.

Sand and sometimes gravel need to be dried for further processing and storage in silos. For this purpose, our DRYON fluidised bed dryer has proven itself over decades.

For gravel and natural stone, there is also the option of passing them through a MINEXX sorting system and thus refining products or separating unwanted impurities.


Our machines for processing sand, gravel and crushed stone

BIVITEC Flip flow screen

The BIVITEC flip-flow screen is our solution for demanding tasks. Dynamically excited screen mats ensure effective screening performance with difficult feed materials such as moist sand or shredder products.

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SANDEXX Sand trap

Sand recovery in a Binder+Co SANDEXX sand trap is efficient and energy-saving. This sand dewatering system is reliable and low-maintenance.

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Binder+Co Log washer

Binder+Co's log washer is the ideal preparation for post-grading in order to clean the raw material. Heavily contaminated construction raw materials and industrial minerals are processed in a highly efficient way.

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Comec-Binder Chamber filter press

The Comec-Binder filter press provides an effective system for separating sludge with low clay content in the processing of construction raw materials and industrial minerals.

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Binder+Co Jigging machine

The Binder+Co jigging machine is used for density sorting or light material separation. It separates materials of different densities from each other.

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MINEXX Minerals sorting system

The MINEXX sorting system from Binder+Co reliably separates minerals such as gemstones, quartz, talc, magnesite and much more according to colour, materials and density. For products of the highest quality.

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Comec-Binder Crusher

Comec binder crushers work reliably and with low wear in the most difficult operating conditions. They ensure efficient performance and optimum grain shape.

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