Our success story

The master metalworker Ludwig Binder founds a small building and artistic metalworking shop in Graz-Eggenberg. The focus of company activities in the following decades is on steel constructions.
from 1940
Following the recession years, an economic upturn commences at the beginning of the 1940s and a medium-sized industrial company emerges with a workforce of over 150.
The revolutionary “Binder System” for vibrating screening machines is developed.
The company moves from Graz to newly built premises in Gleisdorf, where the first processing systems are produced for the construction industry.
In order to secure the global marketing of Binder+Co machines, the company is integrated into the voestalpine Group. The first large systems for the stone and earth and mining industries are designed and manufactured.
Binder+Co develops its first packaging systems for free-flowing bulk goods.
The first drying systems are launched onto the market for industrial minerals. 
The first recycling machines are produced. They are employed for the sorting of cullet.

Binder+Co is re-privatized and subsequently comes under the majority ownership of Auricon Beteiligungs AG.

Binder+Co becomes an independent public company in the Waagner-Biro Group.

From December 2006, Binder+Co AG is listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange.

In June 2007, Binder+Co AG is accepted into the newly created mid market segment of the Vienna Stock Exchange and in July is relisted in regulated OTC trading.

As a result of the integration of Packaging Technology Segment activities into a joint venture, in October Binder+Co AG becomes the majority shareholder of Statec Binder GmbH with 50.7% of company stock.

On 21 September, the Binder+Co AG share is accepted into mid market continuous trading.

Binder+Co is awarded the Austrian National Innovation Prize for its development of the world’s first industrially mature system for the sorting of heat-resistant glass from cullet.

MINEXX, a module for mineral sorting is launched onto the market.
Binder+Co is awarded the Austrian National Work Safety Prize and is also presented with the Best Open Innovator Award in Berlin as the top SME in the D-A-CH region.
July sees the takeover of an Italian mechanical engineering company, which specializes in comminution technology. It is integrated into the group as Comec-Binder S.r.l.

In January, the fully owned Bublon GmbH subsidiary is founded. This provides Binder+Co with a solid basis for the global marketing of a new and entirely natural basic composite for construction materials with excellent insulation and soundproofing characteristics introduced in autumn 2011. In April, Binder+Co signs a contract for the construction and rental of its own production and office complex in Wuqing, near the Chinese port of Tianjin.

January sees the foundation of Binder+Co Machinery (Tianjin) Ltd. in China, and in May the new sales, production and services location goes into operation. Up to the end of December 2013, the company assembles 23 screening machines for the Chinese coal mining industry. The core components for this Binder+Co machinery continue to be supplied from Austria, while assembly takes place in China using locally manufactured components.

The first customized BUBLON plants are put into operation by clients.

The first CLARITY modules for the sorting of plastic flakes and granulates are launched onto the market.

Our subsidiary in Denver, Colorado has been operational since August 2016. As Binder+Co has already built up good North American business relationships in the glass cullet recycling area, the initial focus of the new sales unit is on the marketing of glass and plastics recycling technology. Subsequently, the remaining Binder+Co range (drying and screening technology and BUBLON) will be positioned in this important market.