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Precious gemstones have always exerted a fascination on mankind. Diamonds are generally considered to be the most valuable representatives. Few people know that rubies can even be more valuable than diamonds of the same size. Emeralds and sapphires complete the list of the four most expensive gemstones.

Binder+Co has become the outstanding specialist for sensor-based sorting of coloured gemstones.



The most important premise is to ensure that no gemstone is overlooked in the feed material. In many plants, sorting is still done manually. Especially due to the hands-off issue, the throughput rates are low or require a very large number of staff in terms of handpickers and security personnel.

With the innovative MINEXX sorting technology from Binder +Co, many gemstone types can now be detected and extracted by machine. In the field of coloured gemstones, classic colour sorting is often not sufficient due to the colour variations and intergrowths. Here, combinations of different sensors in one sorter have proven successful. This is called sensor fusion.

Hands-off equipment is easily realised with this technology and thus offers another major advantage.

Binder+Co won the Styrian export prize for large companies in 2018 with its unique technology for ruby sorting. In the meantime, more than 2/3 of the rubies produced on the world market are found by MINEXX from Binder+Co.

Through further developments, intergrowth material with small emerald spots can be detected by unique sensor technology and the valuable stone extracted by the sorter.

In order to guarantee good sorting performance, the pre-processing of the feed material is of essential importance. Classification with BIVITEC and drying with DRYON of fractions smaller than 10 mm are classic examples. The world's largest producers of coloured gemstones are among our customers.


Our machines for gemstone processing

DRYON Fluidized bed dryer

The DRYON fluidised-bed dryer and cooler from Binder+Co provides effective and gentle drying and cooling for bulk materials of all kinds, from construction raw materials to coal and salt to recycling materials.

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