Our machines for the processing of
iron ore.

Iron is the most widely used metal in the world, accounting for 95 % of the mass of metals used.

Most of the iron produced from pig iron is the main component of steel and cast iron. Alloying, as well as a suitable combination of thermal treatment and plastic forming, can vary the mechanical properties of steel within wide limits. Steel is used in particular in the manufacture of land vehicles, ships, reinforced concrete and steel construction. Other applications include pipelines, pressure vessels, gas cylinders and springs.

For technological and economic reasons, the ores used for processing in blast furnaces should have uniform properties from a chemical and physical point of view. Accordingly, the coarse ores obtained during mining have to be crushed, screened, and sometimes also sorted, and the fractions that are too fine in the process have to be lumped again. The most important methods of lump formation are sintering and pelletisation. The use of suitable screening technology is therefore imperative in various areas.



Binder+Co offers solutions for the screening of raw ores, ore concentrates, sintered products and pelletised products. A wide variety of screening machines are used for this purpose. In the area of any dense-medium separation plants, the use of DRAIN&RINSE screens is required. These screening machines are designed as linear vibrating screens for the coarser grain size range. For the finer grain size range, a special screening machine with the BIVITEC system is the better choice to avoid the formation of plug-in grains.




Our machines for the processing of iron ore

MINEXX Minerals sorting system

The MINEXX sorting system from Binder+Co reliably separates minerals such as gemstones, quartz, talc, magnesite and much more according to colour, materials and density. For products of the highest quality.

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SANDEXX Sand trap

Sand recovery in a Binder+Co SANDEXX sand trap is efficient and energy-saving. This sand dewatering system is reliable and low-maintenance.

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Binder+Co Log washer

Binder+Co's log washer is the ideal preparation for post-grading in order to clean the raw material. Heavily contaminated construction raw materials and industrial minerals are processed in a highly efficient way.

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