Dissolution and Cleaning

In the wet processing of construction raw materials and industrial minerals, Binder+Co impresses with a product diversity that ranges from the cleaning of heavily contaminated materials to dewatering and fine sand recovery.

For refining clayey material in coarse grain size.

Log washers
For heavily contaminated construction raw materials.

For refining and purification of industrial minerals. For polishing particle surfaces and homogenizing turbidities.


Comec-Binder washing drums

For refining clayey material in coarse grain size

Washing drums are used for washing and cleaning raw materials and are often a prerequisite for the efficiency of the subsequent process steps.

The washing & cleaning principle is based on two connected chambers. The material is charged into the first chamber and gets in contact with water coming from the second (follow-up cleaning) chamber. A system of perforated paddles scoops the material to the second chamber. Here the material is cleaned with fresh water. A second system of perforated paddles ensures that the material is exhausted and dewatered. The water flow is in counter-material direction, so the thin slurry with dissolved fines is discharged on the material inlet side beneath the material inlet chute.

Log washers for cleaning gravel and sand

Log washing for heavily contaminated construction raw materials

The Binder+Co log washer: reliable cleaning of gravel and sand

The log washer from Binder+Co is the ideal preparation for post-classification to remove friable grains and clay nodules from the raw material. Even heavily contaminated construction raw materials and industrial minerals are efficiently processed. The cleaning process begins with the contaminated material being fed into the log washer at the lower end of the trough. The counter-rotating paddle shafts transport the material to the upper end of the trough. Under impact stress and friction, the loamy and clayey components are released so that they are finely dispersed in the water. The machine discharges the refined material at the upper end of the trough; impurities and light substances are separated with the water at the lower end of the trough. To increase the discharge of dissolved particles and light substances, an optional upstream device can be installed.


The advantages of the Binder+Co log washer for sand and gravel refining

Based on its robust design, the Binder+Co log washer fulfils demanding tasks even under the toughest conditions, while remaining maintenance-friendly and low in operating costs. Impurities and light fractions such as wood and plastics are reliably discharged via the rear overflow weirs.



Technical data

Portfolio Double Shaft Log Washer BDSW

Throughput capacity sand & gravel [t/h]

40 - 400

Spray rate (without upflow device) [m³/h]

30 - 80

Trough length [mm]

4000 - 8000

Trough width [mm]

2050 / 2250 / 2450

Trough inclination [°]

8/ 10 / 12

Power [kW]

22 - 110


Attrition scrubbers for the quality improvement of minerals

The attrition scrubbers for industrial minerals

The ideal solution for the separation of adhesions

Binder+Co attrition scrubbers increase the quality of raw material and waste products. By means of attrition, agglomerates are dispersed and particles are cleaned from coatings.
Intensive friction between particles is carried out using special stirrers in wear-protected steel tanks at high solids concentration. Optimum effect is achieved when the ratio of water to solids is reduced to a minimum while keeping a certain flowability of the suspension. Adhering contami-nants are scrubbed off from the particle surface and agglomerates are dispersed. The suspended fines can subsequently be washed away.



• Robust and low-maintenance design with wear protection
• Wear protection is easy to replace
• Floor opening to allow complete emptying of machine
• Simply construction with high-performance gear motors
• High plant availability



• Attrition/ Refining
• Mixing/ Homogenizing
• Polishing
• Washing

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