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COMEC is a renowned specialist for machines and complete plants with a focus on crushing, screening and dewatering technology for the processing of bulk materials. The machines and plants are used in the processing of construction raw materials and aggregates, in mining and in the recycling industry.

With over 50 years of experience, COMEC is a leading supplier in Italy as a crushing plant manufacturer with a strong network for sales in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. The merger of COMEC with Binder+Co AG (pioneers in the fields of processing technology, environmental technology and packaging technology on five continents) to form the company COMEC-Binder S.r.l. set new standards in 2011. In order to consolidate the technological leadership, to sustainably secure and expand the technical superiority of the machines and to open up new markets, the competences of both companies are bundled and synergies exploited. The advantages for the customer: Optimised processes, an expanded product range and improved service quality.

In the wet processing of construction raw materials and industrial minerals, Binder+Co impresses with a product diversity that ranges from the cleaning of heavily contaminated materials to dewatering and fine sand recovery.

Comec-Binder process water treatment

The process water that is produced during the cleaning and dewatering of raw materials cannot be discharged untreated into the ground. Efficient treatment not only protects the environment, but also takes into account the scarcity of water in many regions.


COMEC-BINDER filter presses are used for the filtering
of sludge with a low clay content.

Comec-Binder chooses the optimal filter press solution for your individual needs out of five different sizes. The system works fully automatically and is additionally equipped with a discharge unit that facilitates the falling down of the dehydrated sludge cakes. An automatic cloth washer and a feed core flushing system are available as an option. Comec-Binder filter presses ensure highly efficient dewatering and a high dry substance content. Their long service life and easy maintenance make for a highly economic concept.

To the product

Comec-Binder belt filter presses are used for
the dewatering of highly diverse types of sludge.

The operation of Comec-Binder belt filter presses is based on continuous mechanical filtration. The sludge is first pressed by two roller-operated filter belts and then mixed in the sludge reactor with a polyelectrolyte flocculant. The sludge is distributed evenly over the width of the belts and pre-dewatered in the gravity zone. In a subsequent step, the sludge cake is turned over, enabling additional water to drain out when the cake is crushed. In the ensuing angle zone, the belts converge and thus exert slight pressure on the sludge to prepare it for entry into the alternating pressure zone.

The roller diameters decrease in the direction of the sludge flow and the sludge is subjected to increasing pressure to achieve maximum possible dewatering. At the machine outlet, doctor blades remove the dewatered sludge from the belts, which are subsequently cleaned by high-pressure nozzles. Pneumatic units with sensors guarantee the centering of the belts, tensioned using pneumatic cylinders. Comec-Binder belt filter presses allow for a continuous dewatering process ensuring high throughput and extremely durable filter belts.


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