b-connected combines all relevant information of your plant centrally on one platform.

The machine and plant data are combined through the cloud connection and
are thus available worldwide.


The protection of customer data is very important to us.

+ Encrypted data communication
+ Data available on any web-enabled end device

Your machine data at your fingertips at all times.

+ Data can be accessed via QR code for each machine
+ Maintenance calendar
+ Operating instructions
+ Machine data
+ FAQ entries


You always have an overview of your machine's operation!

+ All process data are displayed in clear diagrams.
+ Avoidance of downtimes and+Increase the availability of your plant


Increase the availability of your plant!

High plant availability requires intact components and machines. b-connected opens up the possibility for you to plan, coordinate and log maintenance activities.

+ Maintenance activities in coordination with operating manuals
+ Timely information about spare parts replacement, maintenance and service calls.


b-connected integrates your entire plant!

With b-connected you have the possibility to integrate all machines in the platform and include them in the maintenance activities. Even those that were not manufactured by Binder+Co.

Don't waste time searching:

+ All documentation of the installed machines at hand at all times
+ Integration of components from other manufacturers
+ No long searches in complicated operating manuals

Shared knowledge is gold:

Employees are the brains of every treatment plant. Through their years of experience and their gut feeling, the plant runs day after day. The Knowledge Centre from b-connected makes precisely this knowledge available. Your employees and you can easily share the knowledge about the machines. If a problem occurs, the chat function provides quick help. This assistance is available on a long-term basis.

You want to know more about b-connected?

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