MINEXX: The innovative sorting system with sensors

With its MINEXX product, Binder+Co is your ideal partner for the processing of primary raw materials.

Sensor Fusion by Binder+Co - we adapt our sorting systems to individual tasks and equip MINEXX with various sensors. The special feature here is that the sensors used are combined in one machine and the data for one object are linked together. This data provides the basis for an efficient sorting decision.

With its stable detection quality and the latest high-speed sorting valve technology, MINEXX ensures high separation accuracy and throughput rates.

Its modular design, the simple retrofitting and conversion of existing machines, and the divisibility of the machines allow MINEXX to be precisely adapted to the required performance.

MINEXX is uncomplicated to operate thanks to its user-friendly MMI software for operating the sorting system, its good accessibility for maintenance and function checks, and its automated lighting cleaning and valve condition check.

Above all, MINEXX convinces with its economic efficiency: downstream process steps are relieved, production quantities and product qualities are increased and, at the same time, treatment costs (process water, energy costs) are reduced.

Prolongation of the deposit service life
Constant product quality despite varying feed material
Possibility of gaining different product qualities
Separation of impurities to reduce the load on downstream processes
    (pre-separation of tail

Tasks & applications

  • Separation of impurities
  • Product quality improvement
  • Production of different and new product qualities
  • Quality assurance
  • Colour sorting
  • Material recognition
  • Sorting by inclusions
  • Sorting by shape
  • Sort by object size

Technical data MINEXX

Number of ways2
Material feedbelt, chute
Sensor systemColour based on transmission and reflection ( VIS ), near infrared ( NIR ) Induced fluorescence detection ( UV ) Inductive metal detection
Material outputPneumatic high-speed effector technology
Grain sizes1 - 250 mm
Sorting widths700 mm, 1,000 mm, 1,400 mm, 2,000 mm (1x divisible in steps of 100 mm)

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