Our machines for the processing of C&D waste and excavated soil.


Huge quantities of building rubble and excavated soil have to be disposed of every year. And the trend is rising.

If properly processed and recycled, construction and demolition waste,  excavated soil materials and other construction waste show great potential for conserving precious primary resources and relieving the pressure on increasingly scarce disposal capacities such as landfill.

The higher the quality of the recyclates, the more can be reused in the sense of the circular economy avoid  downcycling material loss. This is where Binder+Co technology comes into play. Binder+Co supplies almost every process step in the processing of construction waste and excavated soil: crushing, classification, wet processing and sensor-supported sorting, as well as thermal conditioning.


COMEC 's reliable crushing technology reduces the demolition material to the desired particle size. The proven BIVITEC flip flow screening system is used for screening difficult-to-screen materials. In addition, dewatering screens, screen conveyors and distribution screens can also be built. After screening, the material is sorted into material characteristic classes. Typical valuable fractions are natural minerals (gravel, pebbles ),  concrete,  bricks, asphalt, ceramics,  metals as well as glass and organic impurities such as wood, cardboard and plastic. This is where our sensor-based sorting system CLARITY is used. If it is necessary to dry the products,  it is recommended  to use our fluidised bed dryer system DRYON. The COMEC portfolio also covers the  processing finest fraction such slurry treatment and dewatering.


Binder+Co offers a wide range of solutions for construction waste and excavated soil:

+ Construction and demolition waste

+ Ground excavation

+ Process water treatment

+ Brick sorting

The Binder+Co machine portfolio makes it possible to produce pure fractions from the input waste material. Through optimised sorting, product qualities can be achieved that meet the international standards requirements and can therefore be used again as construction materials like aggregates. Through the use of artificial intelligence, even the sorting of dark and visually difficult to distinguish material classes such as asphalt and dark natural stones is possible.

Typical recycled products:

Our sensor-based sorting technologies for construction material recycling

  • Inductive sensors for the detection of metallic components
  • VIS sensors for selectivities in visible light in transmission and reflection concepts
  • NIR sensors for material characterisation based on specific absorption behaviour
  • AI technology: for classification of materials that are difficult to distinguish optically
  • Sensor fusion: We can fuse different sensor technologies to generate the best possible sorting results.

Comec-Binder Crusher

Comec binder crushers work reliably and with low wear in the most difficult operating conditions. They ensure efficient performance and optimum grain shape.

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BIVITEC Flip flow screen

The BIVITEC flip-flow screen is our solution for demanding tasks. Dynamically excited screen mats ensure effective screening performance with difficult feed materials such as moist sand or shredder products.

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Breezer Organics separator

The Breezer organic separator reliably separates light materials in the recycling process.

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Binder+Co Jigging machine

The Binder+Co jigging machine is used for density sorting or light material separation. It separates materials of different densities from each other.

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CLARITY Recycling sorting system

The CLARITY sorting system from Binder+Co reliably separates recyclables such as glass, metal, construction waste and much more according to colour, materials, density and chemical composition. For products of the highest quality.

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SANDEXX Sand trap

Sand recovery in a Binder+Co SANDEXX sand trap is efficient and energy-saving. This sand dewatering system is reliable and low-maintenance.

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Comec-Binder Chamber filter press

The Comec-Binder filter press provides an effective system for separating sludge with low clay content in the processing of construction raw materials and industrial minerals.

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