The Binder+Co jigging machine for density sorting or light material separation

The Binder+Co jig separates materials with different densities. The separation process takes place in a water bath. The jig consists of a screen bed, a jigging box and a lower box. The jigging bed support is designed as a plastic screen and is firmly connected to the jigging box and the base frame of the machine. The movable lower box, filled with water, is mounted on an eccentric shaft and connected to the jigging box by rubber membranes.

The function

An eccentric exciter periodically lifts the water-filled lower box. The water is pressed upwards through the jigging bed support and lifts the material to be jigged. The material sinks back down in the water bath. Specifically heavier material sinks more quickly to the bottom and forms the lower layers of the jigging bed. Specifically lighter feed material is conveyed to the surface of the jigging bed or floats up and is discharged via the discharge box for light material. Due to the inclination of the jigging bed girder and the flow of the head water, the jigging material migrates towards the discharge side with each lifting pulse. In the discharge box for heavy material, there is an automatically controlled segmented slide, which ensures a uniform jigging bed height. Heavy fine material with a particle size smaller than 4 mm (mesh size of the jigging bed support) enters the lower box and is continuously  discharged together with a corresponding amount of water via the discharge nozzles.




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