Centrifugal or cyclone separator for dedusting

The processing of bulk materials often produces considerable quantities of fine particles (dust), which must be reliably separated and thus represent an economically important valuable material for our customers. With the high-performance centrifugal separator, Binder+Co has succeeded in offering its customers a robust and low-maintenance solution for numerous industries. Its reduced overall height enables it to be retrofitted into existing systems. The centrifugal separator from Binder+Co also ensures a high degree of separation and separation efficiency and, with 30% of the investment costs and low maintenance costs, is particularly interesting from an economic point of view compared to filter systems. For dedusting in the processing of chemical products, construction raw materials, industrial minerals, salts, coal, in iron and steel production, in the manufacture of foodstuffs and animal feed and in the processing of secondary raw materials.

The Binder+Co centrifugal separator at work

The gas or exhaust air is set in rotary motion by a 360° inlet spiral. The resulting centrifugal force separates the particles in the coarse and fine separation zones in the separation chamber. The solid material flows off through an annular gap into the material collection cone. A leakage air flow admitted through the inlet nozzle forms a low-dust boundary layer flow in the cyclone head and guarantees increased separation efficiency. The cleaned gas (exhaust air) leaves the separation chamber at reduced pressure loss through the central guide tube upwards via the spiral exhaust bonnet.

Tasks & Applications

  • Dedusting
  • Classifying
  • Waste air purification

Types & Models

Type LR: standard separator
Type SR: high performance separator
Type UR: for the removal of organics

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