Our machines for the processing of
industrial minerals.

Industrial minerals are an integral part of our lives

Industrial minerals are an important raw material for a wide range of industries. Today, more than 5900 types of minerals are known worldwide. Their use ranges from the classic application in the construction industry, to electrical engineering and the food industry, to the cosmetics industry. This shows the complexity of their processing in terms of process technology but also machine design.

In addition to mining companies and operators of quarries or gravel pits, downstream processing companies have a need for high-quality, robust machines for classification, wet processing, drying and separation of impurities.

For classification, the BIVITEC, which is used worldwide, can be named as a classic representative. With DRYON we have chosen for fluidised bed drying, which is the most thermally efficient drying solution. Our highly developed, robust MINEXX sorting machines are used for the separation of impurities to achieve optimal product quality or for the separation of accompanying rock to relieve downstream processes (pre-separation of tailings).



A selection of the most common industrial minerals processed by Binder+Co machines



Our machines for the processing of industrial minerals

Comec-Binder Crusher

Comec binder crushers work reliably and with low wear in the most difficult operating conditions. They ensure efficient performance and optimum grain shape.

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SANDEXX Sand trap

Sand recovery in a Binder+Co SANDEXX sand trap is efficient and energy-saving. This sand dewatering system is reliable and low-maintenance.

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BIVITEC Flip flow screen

The BIVITEC flip-flow screen is our solution for demanding tasks. Dynamically excited screen mats ensure effective screening performance with difficult feed materials such as moist sand or shredder products.

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Binder+Co Log washer

Binder+Co's log washer is the ideal preparation for post-grading in order to clean the raw material. Heavily contaminated construction raw materials and industrial minerals are processed in a highly efficient way.

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Comec-Binder Chamber filter press

The Comec-Binder filter press provides an effective system for separating sludge with low clay content in the processing of construction raw materials and industrial minerals.

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MINEXX Minerals sorting system

The MINEXX sorting system from Binder+Co reliably separates minerals such as gemstones, quartz, talc, magnesite and much more according to colour, materials and density. For products of the highest quality.

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