Vibrating screen separator from Binder+Co

With the resonance screen, Binder+Co has impressively demonstrated sustainable in-house development. Developed by owner and managing director Dr. Heinz Sernetz in 1954, the resonance screen has been making an impression on customers of very different branches even in the 21st century.

Profitable for more than six decades –
the resonance screen from Binder+Co.

A resonance screen is guided by suspension arms and works on the ejection principle. The eccentric drive mobilises two equal mass beams mounted in rubber sleeves which move linearly. The connecting rods of the drive system are arranged on elastic mainsprings which supply the vibration system with as much energy as is necessary. Additional positive price effects result from the lightweight substructure, low construction height and low energy consumption.

Tasks & Applications

  • For fine and coarse screening up to 200 mm
  • Dry screening
  • Wet screening

Technical specifications

Number of screen decks1 - 2
Effective screen width (m)0,8 - 2,2
Effective screen length (m)2,5 - 12,0
Screen area (m²)/deck1,6 - 26,4
Cut points (mm)1,0 - 70,0

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