Metal / Electrical and electronic waste

Metal has excellent material properties and it can be recycled as often as desired!

Metal recycling not only ensures  the supply of value resources to the respective industry . Recycling makes a significant contribution to the environmental protection when it comes to saving energy, conserving primary resources and the reduction  hazardous substances emissions. In order to make recycling as efficient as possible, it is important to remove impurities from the actual recycling materials ​​​​​and to sort into individual material groups like basic alloys and sub alloy groups as far as possible by mechanical sortingWith optimised sorting technology, the use of valuble resources in the smelter or mill can be extremely reduced and even entire process steps such as hydrometallurgical refinery can be skipped. Typical customers include copper/brass refineries and aluminium or steel mills respectivly. The most important thing is, that the concentrated recycled metals  show the highest achievable purities.


Binder+Co offers a wide range of services in the field of metal and electrical scrap processing:

+ Zorba

+ Shredded copper cables

+ Twitch

+ Door and window fittings

+ Metal from industrial waste

+ Metal from construction and demolition waste

+ Metal from incinerator bottom ash

+ Metals and other valuables from electrical and electronic waste

Our sorting technologies for metal recycling

Our solutions with sensor based sorting

  • Inductive sensors for detection of metallic parts
  • VIS sensors for selectivities in visible light
  • NIR sensors for material characterisation based on specific absorption behaviour
  • LIBS sensors: Metal and alloy group classification based on chemical analyses.
  • AI technology: Algorithmic add-on to enhance signifantly the classification of materials with almost non visible differences  
  • Sensor Fusion: We can combine different sensor technologies to generate the best possible sorting result



+ Recovery

of metallic parts, which cannot be recovered by conventional processing such as magnetic separation and eddy current separators.

+ Sorting according to optical properties such as colour and shape

  • Sorting of red metals from grey metals
  • Separation of non-metallic impurities (e.g. plastics, organics).

+ Sorting of alloys and base matels by means LIBS

Sorting based on chemical composition of metals scrap. Enables sorting into different base metals and alloy groups.

  • Sorting from Twitch into cast and wrought aluminum
  • Sorting of wrought alu into main alloy groups 1xxx, 2xxx, 3xxx, 4xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx, and 8xxx
  • Sorting from mixed heavy metals in to copper alloy groups and others
  • Sorting of stainless steel into different alloy groups according to chemical composition

+ Sorting in the near-infrared range:

Sorting of technical polymers typically used in cases of electrical and electronic equipment.

+ AI/Artificial Intelligence

Colour sensitivity optimized cameras and highly complex software algorithms allow sorting solutions for tasks that were previously considered feasible. Even the smallest optical differences are sufficient to achieve automatic classification with extremely high reliability:

  • Sorting on the basis of characteristic surface structures (PCB, partially oxidised metals)
  • Sorting on the basis of complex shapes (standardized parts like screws, washers etc., plugs and conectors).

Our machines for metal recycling


+ 2- and 3-way solutions for the production of 2 to 3 fractions

+ High-speed sorting valves: precise output of material

+ Maintenance-friendly access to the machine, easy replacement of spare parts

+ Sensors: Colour sensors, near-infrared sensors, induction, LIBS

+ Sorting of impurities and contaminations

+ Sorting by colour and shape

+ Sorting by density

+ Sorting by chemical properties

+ Sensor Fusion: Combination of different sensors in one sorting system optimized sorting performance

As close to the customer as possible

With our wide-ranging product portfolio, we offer our customers optimum processing of their product – not only with stand-alone systems but also complete concepts and turn-key plants. Only the optimum plant concept leads to securing an economic and technological advantage for our customers.
For the best possible fulfillment of specific customer requirements, we provide our customers with a comprehensive testing facility which can carry out systematic test processes tailored to the task in hand.

Breezer Organics separator

The Breezer organic separator reliably separates light materials in the recycling process.

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Binder+Co Attrition

Binder+Co attrition cells are used to improve the quality of mineral raw materials and residues. Agglomerates are dissolved by the attrition and the particles are freed from adhesions.

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BIVITEC Flip flow screen

The BIVITEC flip-flow screen is our solution for demanding tasks. Dynamically excited screen mats ensure effective screening performance with difficult feed materials such as moist sand or shredder products.

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