This is Binder+Co

Unique in the processing of bulk materials

Binder+Co is a unique enterprise in the world of processing. After all, we offer six elementary processing steps from one single source: crushing – screening – wet processing – thermal processing – sorting – bagging and palletizing.

The whole is more than the sum total of its parts. Both the expertise and the interplay of the individual processing steps help us to provide our customers with excellent and fully customized solutions. The steps are implemented together with our highly competent staff in efficient processes. And this is what makes us the perfect partner for you.

For many decades now, Binder+Co has supplied individual systems and overall processing plants to the mining and recycling industries. In doing so, we have always placed great value on novel ideas. Together with our international partners, we promote innovative concepts, and it is from there that our top technologies emerge which we market worldwide:

  • First worldwide sensor-based glass sorting based on colour and contaminants in a unique three-way solution.
  • Most efficient screening solutions for bulk materials difficult to screen (e.g. moist coals or recycling materials).
  • First solution worldwide for the sorting of heat-resistant special glasses on an industrial scale.
  • Fastest high-performance machinery in open-bag packaging worldwide.