Fluid bed dryer DRYON from Binder+Co

Drying and cooling are elementary steps in the processing of bulk materials. Additionally to ensuring stable quality of the finished product, a high availability of drying plants and good economical operation is much sought after.

DRYON – drying & cooling in one

With the DRYON fluidized bed dryer and cooler, Binder+Co has successfully integrated quality, efficiency, and profitability in a single machine which is both durable and versatile.

In particular, the DRYON fluidized bed dryer is characterized by high profitability: the heat released in the cooling phase is used for drying, thus reducing energy consumption by up to 15%.

For decades, Binder+Co has been a successful manufacturer of both vibrating and static fluidized bed dryers and coolers which are used in a variety of industries. It is these years of experience that do not only qualify Binder+Co for the construction of tailor made systems, but make the enterprise a leading supplier of turn-key drying plants. 

Tasks & Applications

  • Drying
  • Cooling
  • Crystallization
  • Conditioning
  • Preheating
  • Dedusting
  • Organic separation

Types & Models

The DRYON works on the basis of the fluidized bed principle, e.g. the product to be dried or cooled is fed into the DRYON on a distributor plate, such as a perforated plate or special screen. Through this and the material bed air or other gaseous media flows through from bottom to top.
This ensures a very gentle drying. Depending on the grain size and material behaviour, static or vibrating DRYON designs are used.

Static fluidized bed dryers for fine particles up to 6 mm can be equipped with heat exchangers, which reduces the required drying or cooling air volumes. This allows a significant reduction in machine size.

Vibrating fluidized bed dryers for bulk materials with a wide range of particle sizes and/or coarse particles: the vibration enables the optimum drying of products even at low in-flow velocities. Depending on the material behaviour or machine size, the fluid bed dryer is built in three different versions.

DRYON fluidized bed dryers are built to specification with drying surfaces ranging from 0.2m² to 60m².

Advantages of using Dryon

+ Drying and cooling in one unit

+ Gentle and uniform drying or cooling

+ Low thermal power requirement

+ Low operating costs

+ Compact design and low space requirement

+ Low maintenance

+ High availability

+ Also suitable for abrasive media (alumina)

As close to the customer as possible

With our wide-ranging product portfolio, we offer our customers optimum processing of their product – not only with stand-alone systems but also complete concepts and turn-key plants. Only the optimum plant concept leads to securing an economic and technological advantage for our customers.
For the best possible fulfillment of specific customer requirements, we can use our comprehensive testing facility.

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