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Cullet is a unique raw material. We process it.

The recycling of cullet is essential for the production of new glass for environmental, economic, energy and resource-saving reasons. The requirements for processing plants are the highest quality in the end product and the lowest possible glass loss.

The aim is to obtain glass cullet sorted to the exact color and free of transparent impurities such as plastic films, glass ceramics and lead glass, as well as non-transparent impurities such as metals, ceramics, stones or porcelain.

The Applications in Glass Recycling

the Tasks

+ Production of high-quality cullet

for direct use in the furnace

+ Separation of impurities

CSP (ceramics, stones, porcelain), glass ceramics, lead glass, organic impurities, plastics, metals

+ Color separation

+ Recovery of valuable materials

Turnkey plants for glass recycling – one stop solution

With our wide-ranging product portfolio, we offer our customers optimum processing of their cullet - especially with regard to the overall concept and turnkey systems.

We support you right from the start: From design and planning, through production, installation and commissioning of the plant to ongoing service.

Turnkey installations from Binder+Co for waste glass processing ensure the highest cullet quality in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

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Binder+Co CLARITY glass

Binder+Co Waste glass processing plants

Waste glass processing plants

Prescreening with bar screens

The cube-shaped parts and whole bottles are separated from the product flow and fed to the crushing stage. The undersize particles are passed on for further pre-processing.

Light material separation with Breezer

Light materials such as plastics or organics are removed from the glass in the BREEZER organic separator using an air stream. An excessive amount of organics or plastics has a negative effect on the sorting process.

Metal separation

Magnetic ferrous parts are removed from the product stream using an overband magnet. An induction separator separates the non-ferrous metals from the glass. The metals recovered this way make up a profitable by-product of a glass processing plant.


The roller crusher is used to crush whole bottles, bottle bases and bottle necks. The crushing curve of the roller crusher is ideal for the subsequent processing steps and sorting stages.

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Screening the product stream into different particle sizes is a key factor for efficient sorting. The BIVITEC screening machine ensures reliable classification of the cullet.

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Drying with DRYON

Cullet and organic parts are dried using fluidized bed drying, making it easier to remove the dried organics from the product stream. This makes sorting easier and impurities are reliably removed with this process.


Long parts separator

The long parts separator ensures the removal of long parts such as toothbrushes, ballpoint pens, cable ties and cutlery. This considerably reduces the load on the downstream sorting stage.

Sorting with CLARITY:

The sorting stage is the centerpiece of every glass processing plant. CLARITY separates the glass cullet according to color, removes impurities such as CSP, glass ceramics and lead glass and delivers excellent results.



The dedusting system with cyclone ensures clean air in the processing plants. Dust and organic particles are removed. The dedusting installation significantly increases the service life of the glass recycling plant.



Process reliability

Smooth operation of the system
+ System monitoring and system data with b-connected independent of time, location and manufacturer

Top quality

+ Highest quality of cullet - up to 99.9 % pure in color and free of impurities
+ Perfectly coordinated pre-processing for optical sorting
+ Quality control and digital system monitoring

Occupational safety

+ Elimination of critical impurities such as glass ceramics,
which cause hazards and production downtime

High economic efficiency

+ Trouble-free and low-maintenance operation of the system
+ Economic operation: low energy consumption, high performance and top quality end products

Protecting the environment

We want to give our children a planet worth living on. Our aim in everything we do is to recycle waste as efficiently as possible, thereby reducing the amount of waste and conserving natural resources at the same time. Even with our processing plants, we want to ensure that they operate for as long as possible while conserving energy.

Success Stories

Cullet processing plant in Italy

Year of construction 2019

Products: Flint glass, color glass, mixed colors, fine glass, ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Machine technology:roll crusher, vibrating screen feeders, circular vibrating screens, BIVITEC screens, long part separators, DRYON cooler, BREEZER air classifiers, CLARITY sorting systems

Process design for sorting stage

Cullet processing plant in Norway

Year of construction 2017

Products: Flint glass, color glass, ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Machine technology:roller crusher, vibrating screen feeders, BIVITEC screens, long part separators, delabeling system, DRYON dryer, BREEZER air classifiers, CLARITY sorting systems

Process design, construction of the entire processing plant

Cullet processing plant in the USA

Year of construction 2023

Products: Flint glass, color glass, ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Machine technology: roller crusher, vibrating screen feeders, BIVITEC screens, DRYON dryer, CLARTIY sorting systems

Process design for the sorting stage

Cullet processing plant in the UK

Year of construction 2017

Products: Flint glass, color glass, ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Roller crusher

The roller crusher from Binder+Co provides the ideal conditions for downstream sorting in waste glass processing.

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BIVITEC Flip flow screen

The BIVITEC flip-flow screen is our solution for demanding tasks. Dynamically excited screen mats ensure effective screening performance with difficult feed materials such as moist sand or shredder products.

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Binder+Co Long parts separator

The Binder+Co long parts separator removes unwanted long parts from waste glass and optimally prepares the cullet for subsequent processes.

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DRYON Fluidized bed dryer

The DRYON fluidised-bed dryer and cooler from Binder+Co provides effective and gentle drying and cooling for bulk materials of all kinds, from construction raw materials to coal and salt to recycling materials.

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Breezer Organics separator

The Breezer organic separator reliably separates light materials in the recycling process.

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Binder+Co Delabeling machine

With the de-labeller, Binder+Co offers a highly efficient machine for separating labels and residual materials from cullet.

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Always with the aim of maintaining or further improving your productivity at the highest level. For this reason, you enjoy the following support in addition to installation and commissioning:

  • Training on operation and maintenance
  • 24-hour service hotline for rapid troubleshooting in emergencies
  • Rapid availability of more than 8,000 spare parts
  • Efficient shipping logistics worldwide
  • Flexible service teams to continuously optimise your machine and system performance and ensure long-term and reliable operation.

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