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Binder+Co is the world market leader in sensor-based processing of cullet. We first applied ourselves to the optical sorting of waste glass as early as 1989 and have been exploring it ever since. In 1998, we launched the first three-way system in the market, thus revolutionising the recycling of secondary raw materials. In 2010 Binder+Co won the Austrian State Prize for Innovation for its sensor-based sorting of glass ceramics. Since 2014, we have been able to sort glass even in the smallest sizes from 1mm onwards.
Glass is a unique valuable substance and basic material which can be recycled endless times without any loss in quality. Cullet from waste glass is an indispensable component in the manufacture of new glass. Using 100% cullet from waste glass in the glass manufacturing process will account for energy savings of up to 30% in comparison to the use of primary raw materials. In order for glass to become a high-value secondary raw material, it must be freed from any impurities and sorted according to colour.

CLARITY – the innovative sorting system from Binder+Co

The CLARITY is much more than just an optical sorting device; it can help you transform your recyclable materials into hard cash:
Sensor Fusion by Binder+Co – we adapt our sorting systems to the specific tasks of the customer and equip the CLARITY with corresponding sensors. The special situation here is that not only do the fitted-out sensors work in combination with each other, but the sensor data thus produced is combined with specially developed evaluation algorithms.  And this allows for a simultaneous sorting of heat-resistant glass ceramics, lead glass or armoured glass without applying X-ray fluorescence.
With its stable detection quality and latest high-speed sorting valve technology, the CLARITY guarantees high separation grades and high throughput.
Its modular design, easy retrofitting in existing plants and divisibility of the machines lends the CLARITY a precise adjustment to the specific performance required. 
The CLARITY is characterised by a user-friendly MMI software for the operation of the sorting system, easy access for maintenance and function checks, and is thus uncomplicated in its operation.
The CLARITY’s most convincing feature, however, is its economical side: the subsequent process steps are alleviated, production volumes and product qualities increased and, simultaneously, processing costs (process water, energy costs) reduced.

Tasks & Applications

  • Color separation
  • Fine grain sorting
  • Separation of contaminants (e.g. ceramics, lead glass or organic contaminants)

Types & Models

Technical Specifications

Number of ways 2 - 3
Material feed Chute
Sensors Transmission VIS, UV,
inductive metal detection,
Sensor Fusion
Material output Pneumatic high-speed effectors
Grain sizes 1 – 15 mm
3 – 25 mm
10 – 60 mm
Sorting widths 700 mm,
1000 mm,
1400 mm

(divisible once into segments of 100 mm)

As close to the customer as possible

With our wide-ranging product portfolio, we offer our customers optimum processing of their product – not only with stand-alone systems but also complete concepts and turn-key plants. Only the optimum plant concept leads to securing an economic and technological advantage for our customers.
For the best possible fulfillment of specific customer requirements, we provide our customers with a comprehensive testing facility which can carry out systematic test processes tailored to the task in hand.

Complete Technology

Most diverse sorting of contaminants on the market

  • CLARITY Complete Technology allows the removal of even more contaminants with only one machine. As a result, entire sorting stages can be saved.
  • CLARITY Complete Technology can be installed in new plants, but can also be used as a plant-upgrade with no need of adapting any surroundings
  • All configurations of the standard CLARITY are also available in the Complete Technology version:
  • 2-/3-way sorting systems/li>
  • Fine/coarse sorting
  • Different valve settings
  • Front and back shooter
  • The CLARITY Complete Technology is based on the latest product design, therefore all wear and spare parts do not change.
You can find more information in our product overview and can download it here.

FAQ from our livetalk

During the livestream, the audience was able to ask questions to our panel of experts.
The most frequently asked questions can be read here.
What is the maximum feed rate for a granulometry 7/40 mm?
This is always highly dependent on the material composition fed and the desired product quality. However, as with the existing CLARITY systems, we assume about 12 tons per hour and per sorting meter for the Complete Technology.

Are there any experience values from customers about the improved economic efficiency or operating costs?
In existing waste glass plants, it can be complicated to integrate additional sorting steps (e.g.: to remove additional impurities). With CLARITY Complete, we have managed to integrate additional detection functions into one machine. This means that the upgrade of a plant can be realized very easily by using Complete Technology, since only one machine has to be replaced instead of implementing additional sorting steps into the plant at great expense. Another economic advantage is that CLARITY Complete can be used to separate several contaminants at the same time, thus saving one or more additional sorting stages (acquisition, operating and maintenance costs of one machine vs. several machines).

Are there differences in the maintenance scope between CLARITY nexxt and CLARITY Complete Technology?
The maintenance remains the same. CLARITY Complete Technology is integrated in the existing CLARTIY machine design. This means: same wear parts, same stock-keeping, same maintenance. 

Can we use Clarity with Complete Technology to monitor and analyze finished products?
Yes, and extremely well! Quality control is an essential process step in glass processing. CLARITY Complete can be used here as a central machine that covers the detection of a large number of impurities (up to four impurities and simultaneous color analysis) in one machine, one analysis stage, records trends and is therefore ideally suited for continuous quality control. When reusing white glass cullet, color and grade purity is particularly important, and a purity of over 99 % is often required here.

What configuration options are available with Clarity Complete Technology? Which impurities can be detected with it?
The wide range of machine configurations have not changed compared to the last generation of CLARITY, there are still different sorting widths or different valve resolutions (for coarse or fine grit). CLARTIY Complete Technology can detect glass ceramics, lead glass, CSP, colors and metals in one single machine or be equipped with glass ceramics, plastics, CSP, colors and metals or with lead glass, plastics and metal detection on one machine.

Are there already references or experiences with this new technology?
Up to now, about 15 machines with Complete Technology have been delivered. Many of them as extensions or upgrades of existing waste glass processing plants, some were installed in new plant designs. The feedback from the market is extremely positive regarding sorting efficiency and reliability of the machines.

Other suppliers offer X-ray technology for lead glass and glass ceramic separation. What are the technical differences and advantages of Complete Technology compared to this?
X-ray technology is mainly applied when separating heat-resistant glass (glass ceramic) and lead glass. Compared to CLARTIY Complete, X-ray technology is significantly more cost-intensive to purchase and operate, and involves increased safety effort, for example. Another major advantage of CLARITY Complete is that, in addition to the output of glass-ceramic and lead glass, it is also possible to sort color, CSP and metal on the same machine. CLARITY Complete is therefore a suitable, more cost-effective and easier-to-operate alternative to sorters with X-ray technology.

Can Complete technology be used to sort dark cullet?
CLARITY has always had good results in sorting dark cullet. Dark cullet detection was not a focus in the development of CLARITY Complete, but projects are underway to improve on this point as well.

What is the price of CLARITY with Complete technology?
The question of price is difficult to answer across-the-board. In general, the price of a CLARITY system depends on a number of factors. For example: the machine width (700, 1000 or 1400 mm), the respective valve resolution and machine design as a 2- or 3-way system. In comparison between CLARITY with Complete Technology to the existing sensor fusions, there are only minor price changes.

In which machine sizes is Complete Technology available?
We are talking about sorting widths. These have not changed compared to the existing CLARITY system. We continue to deliver them in 700 mm, 1000 mm and 1400 mm. This means that downward compatibility is also given.

Top-notch After Sales service

Binder+Co offers you a comprehensive range of services throughout the complete life cycle of your plants and machinery. And always with the aim of keeping your productivity at the highest level or improving it. For this reason you can enjoy the following support on top of installation and commissioning:

  • Training courses on operation and maintenance
  • 24-hour service hotline for fast troubleshooting in emergencies
  • Quick availability of more than 8,000 spare parts
  • Efficient dispatch logistics worldwide
  • Flexible service teams for continuous optimisation of the performance of your machinery and plants and to ensure lasting and reliable operation
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