Delabeling Machine

Careful removal of labels and adhesions

The Binder+Co delabeling machine

Binder+Co is a world market and technology leader in the production of machinery for the treatment of waste glass cullet. A crucial factor is our high-precision, high-tech sorting systems, which of course can only provide ideal results when the cullet has been suitably prepared. The delabeling machine makes an important contribution to this with the careful removal of labels and their remnants.

In fact, cullet often has a high proportion of labels and coating residues from paper, metal and plastics. These adhesions hamper the clear-cut classification of glass fragments by means of optical separators. And the consequence of this is incorrect and over-sorting, as well as subsequent glass loss, and a negative effect on cost-effectiveness. With the delabeling machine from Binder+Co you can maximise your output and raise the economy of your waste glass processing plant.

The delabeling machine at work

In the delabeling machine, with speed-regulated drive, adjustable conveying inclination and length of tub, the abrasion takes place by means of wear-protected paddles. They initiate the necessary rubbing action of the glass fragments on each other. The result is optimum abrasion and gentle treatment of the cullet without producing fine-grain particles.

Tasks & Applications

  • Removal of adhesions like labels, dust or organics

Types & Models

Technical specifications

Type Feed rate Length of tub
BET 5/25 5 t/h 2,5 m
BET 10/40 10 t/h 4 m
BET 25/50 25 t/h 5 m
BET 40/50 40 t/h 5 m


As close to the customer as possible

With our wide-ranging product portfolio, we offer our customers optimum processing of their product – not only with stand-alone systems but also complete concepts and turn-key plants. Only the optimum plant concept leads to securing an economic and technological advantage for our customers.
For the best possible fulfillment of specific customer requirements, we provide our customers with a comprehensive testing facility which can carry out systematic test processes tailored to the task in hand.

Top-notch After Sales service

Binder+Co offers you a comprehensive range of services throughout the complete life cycle of your plants and machinery. And always with the aim of keeping your productivity at the highest level or improving it. For this reason you can enjoy the following support on top of installation and commissioning:

  • Training courses on operation and maintenance
  • 24-hour service hotline for fast troubleshooting in emergencies
  • Quick availability of more than 8,000 spare parts
  • Efficient dispatch logistics worldwide
  • Flexible service teams for continuous optimisation of the performance of your machinery and plants and to ensure lasting and reliable operation
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