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Norway’s container glass
recycled with technology
from Binder+Co

Sirkel Materialgjenvinning AS from Oslo, recently
commissioned Binder+Co for the delivery of a
recycling plant for glass in Fredrikstad. This
installation will be the most modern one of its
type and can process 45 tons of collected glass
and metal per hour. The glass is sorted as of a
size of 5 mm into different coloured products
(clear, green and brown glass), and metal is
sorted into ferrous and non-ferrous fractions.

The recycling company from Norway has used technology from Binder+Co for more than 25 years. Hence, not only was the existing waste glass recovery plant from the year 1992 designed, built and subsequently expanded several times by Binder+Co, but know-how from Binder+Co is also used in the customer’s plant for foam glass production with the DRYON fluidized bed dryer.

The new plant will provide Sirkel Materialgjenvinning with the greatest possible flexibility in the processing of its products. Depending on the requirement, the customer can recover the entire quantity of recycled glass in the highest quality for sale, or use part of the glass cullet for foam glass production. With this concept, Binder+Co ensures the maximum material yield for Sirkel Materialgjenvinning.

“This order substantiates our market leadership in the recovery of waste glass and, at almost EUR 14 million, it is the biggest order awarded to Binder+Co in the recycling area,” says  Jörg Rosegger, Member of the Executive Board of Binder+Co AG. “Through our broad range of machines for processing bulk material, we are able to supply the complete process to Sirkel Materialgjenvinning, from glass crushing, continuing with screening and cullet sublimation up to sensor-based sorting.” In order to optimally prepare the waste cullet for sorting Binder+Co has developed cullet sublimation. The essential process steps are: drying, cleaning, polishing and dust removal.

In Norway, glass and metal cans are logistically collected together. Therefore, both recyclable materials are processed in the new plant. Besides pre-treatment with screening, metal separation, comminution and organic separation, the plant includes metals processing by separation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as the so-called cullet sublimation, which is decisive for the efficiency of the subsequent sorting stages of the coarse and fine fractions.

The sorting stages with 16 CLARITY sensor-based systems are the heart of the plant. They produce mono-fractions of flint, green and brown glass cullet. The glass is separated of any interfering glass ceramics and leaded glass with patented UV technology.

In this project, Binder+Co takes over both the machine technology as well as delivery of the complete plant from the structural steelwork up to extensive peripherals such as pipelines, chutes and electrical installations. Acceptance of the waste glass recycling plant is slated for the end of September 2019.

Binder+Co wins 14th
Styrian export award

On June 7, 2018, the 14th Styrian
Export Day took place in Graz.
As a highlight, the Styrian export
prices were awarded for this occasion.
47 flagship companies from all over
Styria applied for the Styrian export
price in the categories "small, medium
and large enterprises". Binder+Co
prevailed against its competitors in the
category "large enterprises" with the
project "ruby sorting with the MINEXX
sorting system" and thus wins the
14th Styrian export price.


Through close cooperation with international specialists, local partners and tailor-made solutions for our customers, Binder+Co is currently one of the leading manufacturers of sorting systems, which are also used in the primary raw material sector. Increasing demand and the associated need for the sorting of optically similar and optically indistinguishable material placed the focus of the research and development department on sensor-based sorting. In 2017, Binder+Co sold the first MINEXX sorting machines for sorting rubies to one of the world's largest suppliers of colored gemstones.

For 124 years, Binder+Co has been active as a mechanical and plant engineering company in the primary and secondary raw materials industry. 370 global employees contribute to global success and ensure an export ratio of well over 90 %. In 2017 alone, deliveries were made to more than 64 countries. The production site located in Gleisdorf gives Binder+Co the flexibility and quality that is in demand internationally. Binder+Co is an excellently connected company with five subsidiaries and more than 40 distribution partners. The short way to the customer is always focused.

The Binder+Co Group

As a specialist for processing, environmental and packaging technology, Binder+Co is the world market leader in screening technology and glass recycling. The Binder+Co Group consists of Binder+Co AG, the four wholly-owned subsidiaries Comec-Binder S.r.l., Bublon GmbH, Binder+Co Machinery (Tianjin) Ltd. and Binder+Co USA Inc. as well as the joint venture Statec Binder GmbH (50.7%).

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