CLARITY demolition

Efficient sorting of construction
and demolition waste

CLARITY demolition

Innovative sorting systems for
construction and demolition waste

Binder+Co sorting of construction and demolition waste

For many years, Binder+Co has been known as a leading company in the processing of secondary raw materials. For an economically feasible processing we have on offer specific screening and wet processing technologies and, for several years now, sensor-based sorting systems for the separation of contaminating substances to recover valuable materials.
In Germany alone, over 88 million tons of mineral débris accumulate every year. Apart from undestroyed mineral construction parts, such as concrete or brick, there are also other valuable substances, such as iron or window glass. On the one hand, their efficient processing is aimed at the recovery of valuable raw materials, and on the other hand on a cost reduction in their further disposal or landfilling. In the last few years, sensor-based sorting has turned out to be a crucial step in the economic processing of débris.

CLARITY – the innovative sorting system from Binder+Co

The CLARITY is much more than just an optical sorting device; it can help you transform your recyclable materials into hard cash:
Sensor Fusion by Binder+Co – we adapt our sorting systems to the specific tasks of the customer and equip the CLARITY with corresponding sensors. The special situation here is that not only do the fitted-out sensors work in combination with each other, but the sensor data thus produced is combined with specially developed evaluation algorithms.  And this allows for a simultaneous sorting of the feed material according to type and colour.
With its stable detection quality and latest high-speed sorting valve technology, the CLARITY guarantees high separation grades and high throughput.
Its modular design, easy retrofitting in existing plants and divisibility of the machines lends the CLARITY a precise adjustment to the specific performance required. 
The CLARITY is characterised by a user-friendly MMI software for the operation of the sorting system, easy access for maintenance and function checks, and is thus uncomplicated in its operation.
The CLARITY’s most convincing feature, however, is its economical side: the subsequent process steps are alleviated, production volumes and product qualities increased and, simultaneously, processing costs (process water, energy costs) reduced.

Tasks & Applications

  • Sorting according to materials for recovery of valuable substances and removal of contaminants
  • Colour sorting

Types & Models

Technical specifications

Number of ways 2
Material feed Belt
Sensors Reflexion and transmission VIS
Inductive metal detection
Sensor Fusion
Material output Pneumatic high-speed effectors
Grain sizes 1 - 15 mm
3 - 25 mm
10 - 60 mm
50 - 120 mm
80 - 200 mm
Sorting widths 700 mm
1000 mm
1400 mm
2000 mm
2800 mm


As close to the customer as possible

With our wide-ranging product portfolio, we offer our customers optimum processing of their product – not only with stand-alone systems but also complete concepts and turn-key plants. Only the optimum plant concept leads to securing an economic and technological advantage for our customers.
For the best possible fulfillment of specific customer requirements, we provide our customers with a comprehensive testing facility which can carry out systematic test processes tailored to the task in hand.

Top-notch After Sales service

Binder+Co offers you a comprehensive range of services throughout the complete life cycle of your plants and machinery. And always with the aim of keeping your productivity at the highest level or improving it. For this reason you can enjoy the following support on top of installation and commissioning:

  • Training courses on operation and maintenance
  • 24-hour service hotline for fast troubleshooting in emergencies
  • Quick availability of more than 8,000 spare parts
  • Efficient dispatch logistics worldwide
  • Flexible service teams for continuous optimisation of the performance of your machinery and plants and to ensure lasting and reliable operation
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