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Binder+Co at Perumin 2019 - Visit us!

From September 16 to September 20, 2019 the 34th Perumin will take place in Arequipa, Peru. Perumin is the second largest mining convention in the world with around 1.400 exhibitors. Binder+Co is represented at the international trade fair for mining with a strong focus on mining, sensor-based sorting technology and innovation.

Six elementary processing steps from a single source

Binder+Co is well renowned in the mining sector and offers innovative solutions for the processing of primary and recyclable materials. With our machines and plants we pursue the goal of saving resources as much as possible and reducing the proportion of water and chemical additives in the treatment process. In addition to increasing the value and efficiency of your processing plant, the Binder+Co products go hand in hand with a higher social acceptance, as – after all – the protection of the valuable environment is our highest goal:

Screening made easy
Screening is made easy with our BIVITEC flip flow screen. It comes into play, when conventional screening technology starts to be inefficient and uneconomical like for example in processing coal or ores. Dynamically agitated self-cleaning screen mats remain unobstructed and allow efficient screening, even for difficult to screen tasks.

Drying & cooling in one
DRYON is our all-in-one fluidized bed dryer and cooler. Quality, efficiency and profitability are all packed into a single machine, which is both durable and versatile. Both drying and cooling are the elementary steps of the environmentally friendly processing of bulk materials. For decades, Binder+Co has been a successful manufacturer of both vibrating and stationary fluidized bed dryers and coolers which are used in a variety of industries.

Sensor-based sorting at its best
The innovative optical sorting system MINEXX is Binder+Co’s solution for the mechanical and sensor-based processing of primary and secondary raw materials. Our sorting machines for minerals and gemstones are especially suited for feed materials with strongly variating properties and varying composition of raw materials.

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Binder+Co goes Industry 4.0

Binder+Co has recognized the need for innovative products and services and has therefore expanded its portfolio to meet the requirements and demands of an Industry 4.0. This trend not only affects individual business units but also aims to fundamentally change the total value chain. Especially the mining industry tends to lean a fully integrated systems approach.

Next generation smart products such as augmented reality data goggles or automatic system monitorings are the answer to digital disruptions in the manufacturing industry. The big advantage is the possibility to bridge the digital and the physical world and using it in maintenance: With our AR goggles, service and factory staff can better perform their tasks as they are in direct contact with our maintenance team. All the information they need is 24/7 available and in front of their eyes, and more importantly their hands are free for work. At our booth at Perumin we will give you the opportunity to get to know our augmented reality app and familiarize you with the Binder+Co digitalization approach.

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