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As Binder+Co we support you in daily operations with our comprehensive and expert service. Our in-house specialists make sure that key criteria are met, like maximum machine and plant availability. This ensures a gapless service process throughout the lifetime of the machine.

If you don’t yet have a regular contact person, please get in touch with:
Hirschboeck Anita

Anita Hirschboeck

Assistence After Sales Service

Tel: +43 3112 800 387
Our team of experienced experts is glad to assist and advise you at any time.

You’ll find their areas of responsibility next to each contact person’s name.

Kirchweger Gottfried

Gottfried Kirchweger

Kollegger Stefan

Stefan Kollegger

Sales Manager

Tel: +43 3112 800 438

Andreas Schaun

Senior Sales Manager

Tel: +43 3112 800 465
Schieder Gerhard

Gerhard Schieder

Sales Manager

Tel: +43 3112 800 386
Schlögl Alfred

Alfred Schloegl

Sales Manager

Tel: +43 3112 800 394
Tauschmann Andreas

Andreas Tauschmann

Voit Alexander

Alexander Voit

Sales Manager

Tel: +43 3112 800 293
Wagner Kevin

Kevin Wagner

Sales Manager

Tel: +43 3112 800 437
Wagner Mark

Mark Wagner

Sales Manager

Tel: +43 3112 800 436

Commissioning & Technical Support

You can reach our experienced commissioning technicians via our 24/7 service hotline.

24/7 Hotline:

+43 3112 800 200

Technical Support & After Sales for USA/CAN

In the US and Canada, all issues concerning spare parts, maintenance and after sales are handled by our colleagues from our American subsidiary Binder+Co USA, Inc.

>> To US/CAN contact details
Thomas Wesian

Thomas Wesian

Head of After-Sales Support

Peter Pfleger

Peter Pfleger

Senior Service Engineer

Schadl Günter

After Sales Service Management

DI (FH) Günter Schadl, M.Sc.

Managing Director under trade law

Tel: +43 3112 800 341