10 years of Comec-Binder, an Austrian-Italian success story

For the past 10 years, Comec-Binder has complemented the Binder+Co Group with its crushing and dewatering technology competencies and has opened up access to new, important markets such as the Middle East and Africa. For both companies, attractive synergies resulted from already existing sales networks.

However, a business combination often means a lot of work on both sides. For example, the installation of new organizational systems and the adaptation of finance & controlling to the Austrian group reporting. Right from the start, there was great cooperation and a helpful team spirit.

The fact that not only our technical expertise belong together, but also that the Italian attitude to life harmonizes excellently with Austrian tradition, is proven at our joint trade fair appearances, such as every three years at Bauma.

Our latest joint project at Moser & Co in Bruneck shows an impressive implementation of the combined know how. The washing and classifying plant is designed for 250 t/h of feed material and produces high-grade aggregates for the production of quality concrete. Screening technology and dewatering machines come from Binder+Co in Austria, plant engineering and crushing technology from Comec-Binder in Italy. We have also successfully relied on our shared experience in project handling.

In the future, we will intensify this interaction of our skills. Another project for a customer from Bavaria is currently in the process of implementation.

Smart recovery of metal even in small quantities

Binder+Co cooperates with Linetechnology in the field of metal processing


The current demand for resources for metal and steel production can no longer be met by primary raw materials. The reuse rate of recycled metals is rising continuously. The aim is to make the processing of even small quantities of metallic residual and composite materials flexible and economically attractive.

Ferrous and non-ferrous metals have the great advantage that they can be recycled with virtually no loss of quality. In addition, recycling scrap metals requires considerably less energy than metal production from primary raw materials. For their reuse, metals must be sorted by type and separated from impurities in several process steps.

In order to efficiently process even smaller quantities of metals and to respond to changes in the composition of input materials that are commonplace in recycling, Linetechnology has developed a modular processing plant. Binder+Co's sensor-based sorting is one of the central technologies of this solution.

Sensor-based sorting of recyclables is one of Binder+Co's core competencies. The company can draw on extensive process knowledge in this area and equips its CLARITY brand sorting systems with various sensor systems and sensor fusions in order to configure the right machine for individual tasks. Martin Pfeffer, CEO of Binder+Co: "We see our cooperation with Linetechnology as the ideal use of our sorting systems in a smart, holistic processing of recyclables." Christian Karl, CEO of Linetechnology, adds: "We are pleased that Binder+Co is exclusively supplying the sensor sorting technology for the BLUELINE and thus, together with Linetechnology, is once again helping to increase the recycling rate.

The two cooperation partners have already been able to successfully implement a joint project with the machine equipment for a new composite preparation system at Schaufler GmbH in Ybbs an der Donau. Both companies intend to intensify their technology partnership in the future and are working on further innovative solutions.
The careful handling of valuable resources is at the core of Binder+Co AG's activities. To this end, customers are provided with customized systems and plants for crushing, screening, sensor-based sorting and wet and thermal processing, as well as packaging and palletizing. Binder+Co is a globally sought-after supplier of sorting systems in the raw materials and recyclables industries, as well as a leading manufacturer of screening machines for difficult-to-screen bulk materials.
The responsible treatment of waste and industrial residues to conserve resources is absolutely necessary from an ecological point of view, but often fails due to unprofitable recycling plants. In the sense of a sustainable and economically attractive circular economy, the Austrian company Linetechnology GmbH develops and produces modular processing plants and sells them under the name BLUELINE.
The machines are designed as 20-foot standard containers and are thus ready for mobile use worldwide. This enables the customer to recycle his waste directly on site. The comprehensive product range, a new type of system control and the individually adaptable arrangement of the container-based modules make BLUELINE unique worldwide.

Binder+Co collaborates with
Komptech in compost treatment

New limit values for the amounts of contaminants in organic waste represent a major challenge for plant operators. In order to increase the effectiveness of contaminant removal in compost treatment, Komptech and Binder+Co have entered into a technology partnership. The companies are currently working on their first joint project.  

Gleisdorf, Austria, July 5 2021. Organic waste and fertilizer legislation is requiring further reduction in the amount of contaminants in compost and fermentation residue. These materials are often contaminated with glass, metal, hard plastics and film. Removing these items is a challenge for processing machinery, as the damp organic material makes screening and separation difficult, especially precision separation. Furthermore, contaminants are occurring in ever smaller particle sizes.

The combined Komptech and Binder+Co solution brings together different separation steps for compost post-processing, using Komptech machines and a BIVITIC flip flow screen. This technology, developed by Binder+Co, works with flexible screening mats that alternately and very rapidly stretch and compress. The high acceleration of this movement efficiently separates even hard-to-screen materials, and keeps the screen mat openings unblocked.

For the optimum overall solution
Treatment of biogenic waste is one of Komptech’s core competences. The company has extensive process knowledge in this field, and offers suitable machines and systems technology for all treatment steps, from shredding/chipping to rotting to screening and separation.
Heinz Leitner, Komptech CEO: “Binder+Co and Komptech are equal partners. Both companies work at a very high quality level, both are very innovative, and both are already collaborating in various R&D projects as technology drivers for the circular economy.” Jörg Rosegger, Binder+Co Board of Directors, adds, “we both have many years of experience in compost treatment, as manifested by satisfied customers around the world.”
The first joint reference system will go into operation in Austria in the coming months. The two companies intend to deepen their technology partnership going forward, and are already working on further innovative solutions.
Komptech GmbH
Komptech is a leading international manufacturer of machines and systems for the mechanical and biological treatment of solid waste and biomass, and the processing of woody biomass for use as a renewable fuel. The product range comprises over 30 different types of machines, covering the key steps in modern waste processing – shredding/chipping, separation, and biological treatment.

Binder+Co AG
The careful use of valuable resources is central to the activities of Binder+Co. The company supplies its customers with tailor-made machines and systems for crushing, classifying, sensor-based sorting, wet and thermal processing, bagging and palletizing. Binder+Co is a world leader in used glass processing systems and screening solutions for materials that are difficult to screen.

Binder+Co is still there for you

We would like to keep you informed at Binder+Co about
the current situation regarding the measures decreed by
the Austrian Government to combat the coronavirus.

For us, WE PROCESS THE FUTURE also means taking care of the health of our employees and the health of our society. We strive to maintain our business activities as far as possible, many of our employees continue to work from home. For you this means that we will maintain the delivery times agreed with you - based on the current situation - and we will continue to be at your side by telephone and digitally if you need quick help in your plant or machine.

We all wish that we master this exceptional situation as quickly as possible and support the measures taken by the Austrian government with full commitment. We wish you, your team and your family good health!

Martin Pfeffer and Jörg Rosegger, Binder+Co Management Board

Binder+Co celebrates
its 125th anniversary

2019 is a special year for Binder+Co as
the traditional company celebrates its
125th anniversary.


2019 is a special year for Binder+Co as the traditional company celebrates its 125th anniversary. On September 13, the unique round hall provided the setting for a large family celebration: together with several generations of employees, their families and former apprentices, the two directors Martin Pfeffer and Jörg Rosegger reviewed the history of the company. Founded in 1894 in Graz as a building and art locksmith's shop, the company is today the world market leader in the screening of difficult products and sensor-based sorting of waste glass. Innovations, top quality and qualified employees are the engines that make Binder+Co a sought-after supplier worldwide.

Foodtrucks provided culinary internationality at the anniversary celebration, guests were able to gain a deeper insight into the company during guided tours through the production facilities and the young visitors stormed the bouncy castle and climbing wall.

To the great delight of the organizers, more than 800 people accepted the invitation to the family celebration, including employees of the subsidiaries Statec Binder, Bublon and Comec-Binder from Italy.

Binder+Co delivers 46m
long vibrating tube conveyor

What is green, over 46 meters long and was relaxing
today in our workshop? No, it is not a giant anaconda,
but a Binder+Co vibrating tube conveyor. The technology
of this conveyor type was developed more than 60 years
ago and is still in use today.

The 46 metre long tubular conveyor will transport 16 m³/h of graphite powder in Salzburg. The graphite powder requires closed processing in order to avoid contact with moisture. The compact design, its low drive power and vibration make the Binder+Co vibrating tube conveyor ideal for material transport.

Summer 2019 is all about
125 years of Binder+Co

Mr. Helmut Roeck and Mr. Name Hans Hoellwart
present the award for 125 years of Binder+Co
to Executive Board member Dr. Martin Pfeffer.

When Ludwig Binder laid the foundations for his company in September 1894, he probably did not guess that 125 years later Binder+Co would become the world market leader in the processing of glass cullet and the screening of difficult-to-screen bulk materials. For 125 years, Binder+Co has been an important employer in the Styrian industry and has set impulses worldwide for the conscientious processing of valuable bulk materials.
Together with its subsidiaries, the Binder+Co Group offers its customers six process steps - crushing - screening - wet processing - thermal processing - sensor-based sorting - bagging and palletizing – great expertise and an extensive product range from a single source. In 2018, the group generated sales of over 106 million euros, 93% of which were exported.
On the occasion of the "Tag der Metalltechnischen Industrie" event, the Austrian Economic Chambers Styria thanked Binder+Co with an award for its 125-year commitment in Styrian industry.

Binder+Co sells 2100th
BIVITEC screen

The bestseller BIVITEC celebrates a
remarkable anniversary

It is operating on six continents, is used in
mining as well as in recycling and screens
hundreds of thousands of tons of different
products every hour. We are talking about
the BIVITEC flip-flow-screen from Binder+Co.

The BIVITEC screening machine was developed in the 1980s to process difficult to screen coal and is particularly in demand when it comes to difficult tasks that cannot be handled by conventional vibratory screens. To this day, the BIVITEC flip-flow-screen is a bestseller of Binder+Co, with around 100 units manufactured and delivered worldwide every year.

In November 2018, the 2100th BIVITEC screening machine was successfully accepted by its future owner, Ing. Hans Lang GmbH. Hans Lang GmbH, is one of the most important construction companies in Tyrol and is Western Austria's leading producer of construction materials. And as such, the company attaches particular importance to the highest product quality. "This can only be achieved with reliable machines and plants. We appreciate the professionalism with which Binder+Co works," says Hans-Peter Schuler, authorised signatory and business division manager for building materials. The anniversary machine is not the first machine that the Tyrolean company buys from Binder+Co. The Styrian technology is already being used to the customer's satisfaction in several plants.

CEO Martin Pfeffer thanked Hans-Peter Schuler for his loyalty with a spare parts voucher for EUR 2,100. The Binder+Co employees were invited to the traditional “Leberkäsejause” in the round hall to celebrate the 2,100 BIVITEC.

A reason to celebrate - the bestseller from Binder+Co was sold 2100 times! Markus Muhr, Project Manager, Heinz Raith, Sales Austria, Christian Buelacher, Hans-Peter Schuler and Martin Geisler from Ing. Hans Lang GmbH and Martin Pfeffer, Member of the Management Board of Binder+Co AG.

Norway’s container glass
recycled with technology
from Binder+Co

Sirkel Materialgjenvinning AS from Oslo, recently
commissioned Binder+Co for the delivery of a
recycling plant for glass in Fredrikstad. This
installation will be the most modern one of its
type and can process 45 tons of collected glass
and metal per hour. The glass is sorted as of a
size of 5 mm into different coloured products
(clear, green and brown glass), and metal is
sorted into ferrous and non-ferrous fractions.

The recycling company from Norway has used technology from Binder+Co for more than 25 years. Hence, not only was the existing waste glass recovery plant from the year 1992 designed, built and subsequently expanded several times by Binder+Co, but know-how from Binder+Co is also used in the customer’s plant for foam glass production with the DRYON fluidized bed dryer.

The new plant will provide Sirkel Materialgjenvinning with the greatest possible flexibility in the processing of its products. Depending on the requirement, the customer can recover the entire quantity of recycled glass in the highest quality for sale, or use part of the glass cullet for foam glass production. With this concept, Binder+Co ensures the maximum material yield for Sirkel Materialgjenvinning.

“This order substantiates our market leadership in the recovery of waste glass and, at almost EUR 14 million, it is the biggest order awarded to Binder+Co in the recycling area,” says  Jörg Rosegger, Member of the Executive Board of Binder+Co AG. “Through our broad range of machines for processing bulk material, we are able to supply the complete process to Sirkel Materialgjenvinning, from glass crushing, continuing with screening and cullet sublimation up to sensor-based sorting.” In order to optimally prepare the waste cullet for sorting Binder+Co has developed cullet sublimation. The essential process steps are: drying, cleaning, polishing and dust removal.

In Norway, glass and metal cans are logistically collected together. Therefore, both recyclable materials are processed in the new plant. Besides pre-treatment with screening, metal separation, comminution and organic separation, the plant includes metals processing by separation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as the so-called cullet sublimation, which is decisive for the efficiency of the subsequent sorting stages of the coarse and fine fractions.

The sorting stages with 16 CLARITY sensor-based systems are the heart of the plant. They produce mono-fractions of flint, green and brown glass cullet. The glass is separated of any interfering glass ceramics and leaded glass with patented UV technology.

In this project, Binder+Co takes over both the machine technology as well as delivery of the complete plant from the structural steelwork up to extensive peripherals such as pipelines, chutes and electrical installations. Acceptance of the waste glass recycling plant is slated for the end of September 2019.

Binder+Co wins 14th
Styrian export award

On June 7, 2018, the 14th Styrian
Export Day took place in Graz.
As a highlight, the Styrian export
prices were awarded for this occasion.
47 flagship companies from all over
Styria applied for the Styrian export
price in the categories "small, medium
and large enterprises". Binder+Co
prevailed against its competitors in the
category "large enterprises" with the
project "ruby sorting with the MINEXX
sorting system" and thus wins the
14th Styrian export price.


Through close cooperation with international specialists, local partners and tailor-made solutions for our customers, Binder+Co is currently one of the leading manufacturers of sorting systems, which are also used in the primary raw material sector. Increasing demand and the associated need for the sorting of optically similar and optically indistinguishable material placed the focus of the research and development department on sensor-based sorting. In 2017, Binder+Co sold the first MINEXX sorting machines for sorting rubies to one of the world's largest suppliers of colored gemstones.

For 124 years, Binder+Co has been active as a mechanical and plant engineering company in the primary and secondary raw materials industry. 370 global employees contribute to global success and ensure an export ratio of well over 90 %. In 2017 alone, deliveries were made to more than 64 countries. The production site located in Gleisdorf gives Binder+Co the flexibility and quality that is in demand internationally. Binder+Co is an excellently connected company with five subsidiaries and more than 40 distribution partners. The short way to the customer is always focused.

The Binder+Co Group

As a specialist for processing, environmental and packaging technology, Binder+Co is the world market leader in screening technology and glass recycling. The Binder+Co Group consists of Binder+Co AG, the four wholly-owned subsidiaries Comec-Binder S.r.l., Bublon GmbH, Binder+Co Machinery (Tianjin) Ltd. and Binder+Co USA Inc. as well as the joint venture Statec Binder GmbH (50.7%).

Fotos: © ICS, Milatovic

Successful implementation
of the first CLARITY multiway
in the USA

By mid-May 2018 the CLARITY multiway sorting system
for light packaging waste has been successfully launched
in the USA at our customer Carry All Products Inc. (CAP).
Binder+Co thus takes an important step in recycling of
plastic waste.

Details about the CLARITY multiway:
The CLARITY multiway sorting system is now in use in Connelsville, PA for single-stream processing. The machine, designed as a three-way system, sorts two end products from two tons of mixed plastic per hour, which are sold for reuse. The NIR technology (near-infrared) sorting system uses a single sensor to produce a high-quality PET and a high-quality HDPE fraction.
Binder + Co and CAP have been working together for over 20 years: CAP operates three glass recycling plants in Pennsylvania (Allentown, Connelsville and Mt. Pleasant) exclusively with Binder+Co machines. In total, this results in about 30 CLARITY sorting systems!

Picture: left: Mark Romesburg (Plant Manager at CAP Connelsville), right: Ulrich Neuhold (commissioning technician of Binder+Co)

Binder+Co at
IFAT 2018

The branch of environmental
technology is currently booming.
This fact became apparent for
Binder+Co at IFAT in Munich:
Strongly increased interest and
higher visitor numbers speak clarly
for this.

The new trash-import-regulation of China and the consequent stop of imports of lightwaste of western industry states has made it necessary for Binder+Co to step up and respond to: So the current market problems served as a starting point for our product development.
Binder+Co now presented at IFAT the CLARITY multiway sorting sytem for light packaging waste, which produces up to five high-quality fractions (and one extra pass through) with just one sensor. Thus, the required product qualities of the secondary raw material can be ensured and a continued use of plastic waste is enabled.
The popularity and demand of our visitors at IFAT has shown that we are on the right path. Space-saving solutions that are versatile in customization and guarantee high product qualities are contemporary and the technology of the future.
From this perspective IFAT was a complete success for Binder+Co!
At the same time as the oscar
ceremony, the awarding of the
"WirtschaftsOskar" took place.
We are very proud to announce,
that Binder+Co has been awarded
in the category "Trendsetter". 🏆

FLTR: Principal Officer Mr. Andreas
Launer, President & CEO of Binder+Co
USA Inc. Mr. Mario Stockreiter,
Commercial Counsellor of the Austrian
Embassy Mr. Walter Koren

Binder + Co sets new standards for glass recycling in the US. New regulations on "zero waste" policy make the State of Colorado a perfect starting point for the technology of Binder+Co. Using CLARITY, a state-of-the-art sensor-based sorting system, 80.000 tons of glass cullet become reusable bottles per year. The glass recycling quota in Colorado rises from 6.25 to 21.65 percent.
In future the partnership with the largest waste glass processor in the US, Strategic Materials, promises a sustainable and steep success curve.

Picture sources: Jim Lee

Binder+Co at

The 21st ECOMONDO in Rimini has
come to an end after four successful
days. At the Binder+Co booth many
interesting and constructive discussions
were held, which offer a two-way vallue -
for us and our customers - and now lay
the foundation for future successful cooperation.

Binder+Co at

The tradeshow PERUMIN in
Arequipa was our perlude on
the South American market
and the first participation with
our Peruvian partner PROGIUS.

With the BIVITEC flip flow screen,
the DRYON fluidized bed drier and
the MINEXX sensor-based sorting
system, we offer three essential
technologies for a wide range of
tasks in the South American market.

Binder+Co at

Your visit has made a valuable
contribution to the successful
completion of this exhibition:
Thanks to your ideas, problems
and applications, we are back to
work with full of energy - and
look forward to seeing you at
the next POWTECH 2019!

Binder+Co at

Binder+Co took part at
CONEXPO in Las Vegas
for the first time.

After establishing a subsidiary
in Denver, Colorado, last year
Binder+Co seized the opportunity
of the trade fair to enter the US
sorting market by presenting the
optical sorter MINEXX.

Binder+Co at IFAT 2016

Thank you for your visit at IFAT 2016! We
sort everything - our innovative and easily
adaptable sorting systems work with almost
any kind of valuable material: waste glass
cullet, waste paper & cardboard, weee, wood,
light waste packaging, metals, constructio &
demolition waste and many more.

At IFAT Binder+Co presented 2 combined
sorting units for separating plastics, e-scrap
and shredder fractions.

Binder+Co at
BAUMA 2016

Binder+Co, the world market leader for
flip flow screens, showed it's wide range
of processing solutions at BAUMA 2016.

"1 for all ..."
  • 1 company for all customers
  • 1 company for all bulk materials
  • 1 company for all processing steps
Binder+Co provides solutions for crushing, screening, wet processing, drying/cooling, sorting as well as bagging and palletizing.

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