Glass sorting by Binder+Co

Glass sorting by Binder+Co

We’ve been sorting glass for over 20 years!

The era of optical glass separation began with the introduction of CSP equipment in the 1980s. Since then, Binder+Co AG has set the standard in processing this valuable secondary raw material.

Although the initial material to be separated from the glass stream was contaminants, development moved on fast to enable separation of cullet on the basis of colour. The BWG was the first system to separate glass according to colour.

CLARITY - three-stream system for glass sorting

Glass recycling became increasingly important, and so did quality requirements. In 1998, CLARITY was introduced onto the market and this blazed the trail for glass processing in the new millennium. 16 million colours, three-stream system, and on top of this, metal and contaminant detection, count as the technological milestones! And from the outside, a revolutionary design set a new standard.

Today, machinery and plants from Binder+Co are used the whole world over. High process-engineering expertise primarily integrates the machinery into optimum and individual processes.

The CLARITY success story is still running today. But the requirements in glass processing have changed. Impurities, which cannot be recognised as such by the naked eye, such as heat-resistant (HR) special glasses or glasses containing lead oxide, are the new challenges in modern glass separation.

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